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2018 Telegration Quick Start Guide

Learn quickly how to submit and process new deals with Telegration.

Telegration, Inc. User Guide
Setting a Standard for the Internet of Things

By Max Silber, VP of Mobility, MetTel It’s the vastness and applicability to every industry and market segment that makes it imperative to establish a ...

MetTel Blog Article
8x8 Virtual Office Case Study

Manufacturing Company Saves Money and Improves Productivity with 8x8 Unified Cloud Communications.

8x8 Case Study
Utilizing Network Function Virtualization for an Agile Enterprise WAN

Utilizing Network Function Virtualization for an Agile Enterprise WAN Whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan, Sponsored by AT&T

AT&T White Paper
Work From Home Checklist for Contact Center Professionals

According to Gartner, 40% of workers spend their time working remotely and by 2021, organizations will encourage 40% more workers to work remotely within the ...

Evolve IP Data Sheet
Re-Defining Innovation Labs: the Need for Education, Partnership and Mostly, Cus...

By Ed Fox, VP of Network Services, MetTel The concept of “innovation labs” has proliferated for over a decade, yet over the last few years we’ve seen a ...

MetTel Blog Article
WOW Hosted Voice Pricing!

NEW! NEW! NEW! WOW Business gets aggressive with brand new Hosted Voice pricing! As low as $19.99 for full featured seats!

WOW! Business Promotion
300Mbps or 600Mbps as low as $139/mo.

300Mbps for $139/mo 600Mbps for $179/mo Add a Complete voice line for $19.99/mo

WOW! Business Promotion
1Gbps x 50Mbps for $199

High Speed Internet access via cable modem. 1Gbps x 50Mbps for $199

WOW! Business Promotion
Q3 MegaPath Promotion Summary

Promotions valid July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Free SD-WAN with Hosted Voice + Access

Transform Your Network with Free SD-WAN. Just Bundle Hosted Voice & Business Internet.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - MegaPath RED

Zero Downtime. Elite Support. Only Serious IT Need Apply.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business VoIP with Free Phone

Unlimited National Calling. $19.95/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business VoIP without a Contract

Unlimited National Calling. $19.95/mo. No Contract.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - 20 Mbps Business Ethernet

Dedicated Speeds & Guaranteed Reliability for Only $120/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - 5x5 Mbps Ethernet

Free Installation, Equipment, & Proactive Monitoring for Only $249/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Try MegaPath One Free for 15 Days

Award-Winning Business Phone & Collaboration Solution

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Free Proactive Monitoring

With Purchase of MegaPath T1 or Symmetric Ethernet

MegaPath Promotion
Q3 Promo - Business T1

Free Proactive Monitoring. Price Match Guarantee for Only $199/mo.

MegaPath Promotion
123Net Cloud Connect Service Links Businesses with Top Cloud Service Providers

Detroit, Mich., June 28, 2018 - 123Net, Michigan’s premier data center provider and host of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX), is providing ...

123.Net, Inc. Press Release
HITRUST Cloud Brief

While originally developed to ensure HIPAA compliance, the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a rigorous risk management approach that provides ...

Evolve IP Data Sheet
Apria Healthcare

Evolve IP provides Apria Healthcare, America's leading provider of integrated home healthcare products and services, with disaster avoidance, visibility into ...

Evolve IP Case Study
10 Steps to Prepare for Virtualization/Movement to the Cloud

When you are shifting to a Cloud-sourced infrastructure model, there are several things you need to consider and do in preparation. Find out what they are here!

Evolve IP Blog Article
Evolve IP Expands Licensing for Equinox Protector Solution

Leading business assurance solutions provider Equinox Information Systems reports today that Evolve IP, The Cloud Strategy Company™, has expanded their ...

Evolve IP Press Release
To BYOD or Not to BYOD? The “Two-Minute Drill” is the Answer

By: Max Silber, VP of Mobility, MetTel Over the past several years, the balance of power has shifted from the seller to the buyer as the digital consumer ...

MetTel Blog Article
8 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Cloud Connection

Enterprises are increasingly shifing IT services to public cloud environments where they take advantage of flexible, on-demand applications and ...

Windstream Enterprise Data Sheet
Fixed Wireless Infographic

View this decision tree stylized infographic to see why Windstream Enterprise Fixed Wireless is the network connection solution you need! Resilient. ...

Windstream Enterprise Product Literature
Fixed Wireless Fact Sheet

Windstream Enterprise Fixed Wireless Protect your network from wireline outages and get more redundancy vs. fiber, copper, coax or cable. Find out ...

Windstream Enterprise Data Sheet
IVR: A Basic Guide to Interactive Voice Response Systems

Most large companies use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems today for call management, however an IVR system is ideal for any size company that ...

Evolve IP Blog Article
4 Reasons Why it is Critical for ACD and CRM to Work Together

In today's world where organizations are fiercely fighting to provide great customer satisfaction, linkage between ACD and CRM is paramount. Learn how customer ...

Evolve IP Blog Article
Security Benefits of DaaS

Find out how DaaS can help you enhance security and compliance, maintain control and privacy, and eliminate "Shadow IT".

Evolve IP Blog Article
Network Virtualization and Job Security

It's time to move out of the hardwired past and into the era of the virtualized network. This blog explains why you should care about network virtualization!

Evolve IP Blog Article
OneCloud Financial Services

OneCloud allows financial services firms to access world-class computing and communications capabilities, while reducing costs and simplifying oversight ...

Evolve IP Data Sheet
Skype Communicator

Evolve IP's Skype Communicator improves the unified communication experience for Microsoft Office 365 users by providing enterprise-grade telephony features ...

Evolve IP Data Sheet
True UC

A complete UC solution that boosts productivity and revenue.

MetTel Data Sheet
Upcoming Partner Events Calendar

Stay up-to-date with where MegaPath will be and find links to register for upcoming events.

MegaPath Article
Understanding Compliance in the Cloud

While many CSPs claim their cloud infrastructure is compliant, it’s important to take a closer look. There are various third-party certifiers, as well as ...

Evolve IP White Paper